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SAN JOSE — Silicon Valley’s own VBO Tickets at it again.

Already sporting the most advanced ticket management platform in the trade, VBO Tickets is set to publicly announce some key developmental features that will benefit the ability of its customers to handle the expanding needs of the industry.

Below are but a few of the upgrades VBO Tickets has made to its system in the past week. For a more detailed explanation or demonstration, please contact a VBO representative: +1 (408) 256-0138.

Server upgrade: has been growing as a company, and to meet the needs of its customers, has recently upgraded to a server with more bandwidth capacity. This has resulted in a noticeable increase in the speed of VBO’s system.

Custom templates: Thermal, laser and E-tickets are now customizable by using HTML formatting. This gives all promoters the ability to overwrite the default template, change font size and adjust layout. A preview feature shows what the layout will look like before the tickets are printed. This feature can be found under “Setup” by going to “Events” and then clicking on “Delivery Settings.”

Mini calendar: now has a calendar widget that can be displayed on its clients’ websites. This mini calendar can be embedded into any page. When a date that has an event is clicked upon, the customer will be taken to a ticketing page that only displays that specific day’s events. This feature can be found under “Setup” by going to “White Label” and clicking on “Widgets.”

Printable seat maps: Last but not least, VBO developers have put the finishing touches on a much-requested feature that allows customers to print their seat maps. How useful!

VBO Tickets

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