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As states ease shelter-in-place restrictions and allow businesses to reopen, the new normal for many will include capacity limits and stricter patron flow monitoring. In response to this need, we have further developed our timed ticketing functionality to give event promoters, as well as new business types, a flexible and intuitive platform to swiftly implement these mandated capacity protocols.

Re-opening events

We’ve had a large number of inquiries about timed ticketing from many businesses whose re-openings are contingent upon reduced and regulated capacities. Current VBO Tickets users like Newfields rely on this system already for their tours and exhibits, and we’re seeing a lot more museums, attractions and tour operators move to this type of controlled entry as well as restaurants and retail stores. Even salons, gyms and community pools are now looking into how timed ticketing can help keep people safe, give patrons/customers a positive experience, and keep businesses compliant while maximizing profits.

A flexible timed ticketing system

Our timed ticketing has far more functionality than a straight-forward reservation platform and is as simple or as complex as the promoter needs it to be. As timed ticketing will be the initial introduction to ticketing for many new businesses, it’s even more critical to be able to view and edit time slots easily and this is definitely where the intuitive back end of VBO Tickets’ platform has an advantage. 

Back end timed ticket management

At its core, timed ticketing allows a promoter to sell groups of tickets with timed entry for better traffic flow and capacity control. The quantity, number sold, and total available tickets for each time slot is manageable in real time with time slots laid out in an easy to read, color coded grid; blue = many available, yellow = getting low, red = sold out. Once a template is created it can be copied (and customized accordingly) to speed up creation of recurring events. Venues can put their mind at ease knowing that the smart system prevents patrons from buying overlapping time slots by omitting any conflicting slots from their selection and by visually denoting sold out times as unavailable during the checkout process. The promoter can also sell general admission tickets separately from timed tickets, or right alongside them as needed.

Front end timed ticketing purchase interface

For a more detailed set up, the system allows the promoter to organize tickets into groups with conditional settings. This is ideal for selling a primary tour with a timed entry that includes an additional exhibit or experience at a certain time within that main tour. This could also be used for initial entry into a socially distanced lobby/order area/store with a second timed ticket to enter the main venue/pickup, service or dining area/checkout area. The timed ticket system is flexible enough to adapt to a variety of business’ needs as well as change over time as restrictions continue to change.

Simple timed ticketing purchasing interface

The newest addition to our timed ticketing feature-set is an option to enable the Simple Timed Ticketing layout. This affects what your patrons see and how their purchase flow works. Best for basic implementations of timed ticket events, the simple layout provides a three step process; select a data, select a time, select your tickets. Without complex conditional tickets and time slots, this layout and purchase flow allows you to give patrons the most straightforward way to choose a time and buy a ticket to your event.

Seemingly limitless event ticketing options

During entry or box office sales, where physical contact with staff also needs to be restricted, the self-service VBO Ticket Kiosk offers its own simplified timed ticket interface that works with any existing timed ticket online setup. The kiosk alleviates box office congestion and provides venues with an easily sanitized and distance-maintained onsite ticketing option.

High-functioning, promoter-driven features with a clean, efficient and intuitive interface, together with first-rate customer support make VBO Tickets a logical match for both newcomers being thrust into the ticketing world, as well as those looking for a seamless solution for adapting their ticketing processes to fit the current times. With VBO Tickets, the limits to limiting have never seemed so unlimited.

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