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Virtual Box Office has been hard at work improving its current platforms and releasing new products.

If you’re already a VBO client, see below for new features that will aid your ease of use and ability to service customers. If you are not yet working with VBO, contact a representative today (1-408-256-0138) to gain affordable access to the ticket trade’s most in-depth and simple to use tools.

1. “VBO Touch” version 1.3 was submitted to the Apple Store with the following enhancements:
a. Continuously improved details

2. Added new “Transaction Details By Event Performance” menu
a. Breakdown of transactions by date range
b. Summarized by event performance

3. Smart Buttons — new button-generator tool
a. This tool allows generating the embed code for a “Smart Button”
b. A smart button will load a specific event or date without the need to update
c. Smart buttons take a partial event name as a filter input and will generate the correct link to the customer’s website by using the VBO Web App. This is especially valuable for recurring events where otherwise the link would need to be updated constantly.

4. Various improvements to the backend
a. This includes improvements to reports, UI and page/link structure (example: moved the VBO Web App to “Dashboard” from “Events”)
b. Fixed an issue with pagination on the orders list

5. Fixed another error on event thank you page.

6. Lastly, large-scale prep for the biggest VBO event ever — the San Jose Jazz Summer Fest!
a. Three-day event; 70,000 people expected
b. VBO to manage all credit card transactions via iPhones
c. VBO is offering a “Don’t Wait In Line Solution” — buy with your mobile devices
d. VBO will be responsible for all technical aspects related to ticketing

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