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VBO Tickets, a leading company for ticketing systems in the U.S. and abroad, has put into use the Opticon H-27 Android Mobile Computer to achieve groundbreaking feats for event promoters around the globe.

In most real-world situations, your QR scanner is only as good as the internet network it has access to. As an event promoter that requires multiple scanning devices to allow entry of your patrons into the venue, you know all too well the complications that arise when Wi-Fi or mobile signals are less than ideal.

What happens in typical scenarios for QR scanning is that the device scans the QR code and then a “call” is sent to the cloud to check if the code has been previously received and is the proper event. This permits scanning of tickets at multiple access points or gates simultaneously. If a cloud connection is not available, a single device can still check QR codes, but if you’re depending on multiple devices to allow entry, your system will be down until scanners can communicate with each other over the internet.

Until now.

Using Opticon H-27 Mobile Computers, VBO Tickets has designed an easy and practical solution to create a mini network between the scanners using a primary device to run as a server and database to host QR codes. Additional devices connect to this primary server via a local link creating an environment conducive to reliable scanning, which was previously unachievable with multiple scanners.

“We are extremely pleased to provide this added value to our clients,” said VBO Tickets co-founder David Boehme. “With this solution, promoters are empowered with the ability to be completely prepared for a smooth scanning and entry process, regardless of third-party or mobile networks. This concept from VBO Tickets is a perfect marriage with the Opticon H-27 Mobile Computer with its improved battery life, ability to swap batteries without shutting down and 2-D capabilities for print-at-home tickets. ”

Jay Lauer, Opticon’s Sales/Marketing Manager added, “We appreciate VBO Tickets selecting the Opticon H-27 Android Mobile Computer for their industry leading event mobile ticketing solution. As a premier Opticon partner, VBO Tickets strives to offer their customers a reliable and affordable mobile solution that they can quickly and easily deploy in their mobile ticketing venues.”


Formed in 2012, Virtual Box Office is the only comprehensive solution for promoters of any scale: whether you’re a startup company looking to make your mark on the industry or a mega promoter that caters to hundreds of thousands, VBO is the definitive choice for ticket sales, promotion and online marketing. Shockingly affordable and incredibly simple to use, VBO has made the tools to success available at your fingertips without the hassle. Based in San Jose, Calif., VBO is proud to say each element of its business is handled in the USA, with all work done in the Bay Area. Simply stated, VBO provides the highest level of ticket innovation and customer service.


Founded in 1976, Opticon is a worldwide family of companies consisting of Opticon Inc. (North America) located in Renton, Washington, OPTO Electronics (Japan), and Opticon Sensors Europe BV (Netherlands). Opticon has a proud tradition of developing and manufacturing world-class 1D laser, 2D imager and CCD barcode scan engines. These engines are used, in turn, to power fixed mount barcode scanners, cabled and wireless scanners, data collectors, companion Bluetooth scanners and mobile devices. Opticon maintains its industry leadership position by continuing to develop innovative technology. Most recently, Opticon has been a leader in 2D auto-focus, liquid lens technology and in e-paper display technology, which is used in electronic shelf labeling (ESL), digital signage solutions. Opticon’s solutions offer advances in performance, quality and reliability and a global presence with an installed base in the millions worldwide. For additional information, please visit

VBO Tickets

VBO Tickets offers the world's leading protected, proven, and powerful event ticketing software platform. Increase event sales and automate your event management with an event ticketing software that's ready to deliver a seamless experience for you and your customers. Follow us for more insights.

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