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Event management industry heavyweight The Ticketing Business has again featured VBO Tickets in its news flow.

Reacting to a press release distributed earlier in the week by VBO Tickets, The Ticketing Business has informed its readers of VBO’s white label affiliate program and the success of its Brazilian partner TicketDigital:

VBO Tickets is bringing its ticketing and event management technology to Brazil through its affiliate partnership with TicketDigital.

VBO Tickets provides production companies, promoters, venue managers and ticketing companies with the solutions to promote, sell and market events through a white label platform featuring plugins and widgets.

Through its partnership with the firm, TicketDigital has made inroads to previously untapped markets in South America’s most populous country and largest economy.

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Sarah Tews

I'm part of VBO Tickets' marketing and onboarding teams to help introduce you to our all-in-one event management software. I like writing informative blogs and web content to keep you up to date with our system, as well as helping new promoters with their onboarding process.

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