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The first annual VBO CON took place on Monday May 18, 2015, and was a great success. VBO clients from far and wide gathered in San Jose to attend a full day’s worth of presentations, conversations and improvisations.

Presentations covered a variety of topics. Co-founder David Boehme detailed current and future developments at VBO. Donny Gilliland from San Francisco Playhouse gave a talk about how his organization used online tracking ads to increase revenue. This topic was added to by Armando Gallegos of ReTargeter, a company that provides online retargeted advertising services.

Conversations were lively as attendees were encouraged to give feedback and ask questions. Any questions that weren’t asked during the presentations were certainly aired during the roundtable discussion, where company and clients volleyed ideas between them for over an hour of fast-paced dialogue.

During the mid-day recess, entertainment was provided by performers from ComedySportz. Their sharp improvisational skills and had the crowd howling with laughter. Alex Grindeland from ComedySportz Seattle pulled double duty as an attendee and performer.

In addition to all of the previously mentioned activities, VBO took time to recognize several key individuals who have proved to be invaluable partners with VBO over the years. These people include the aforementioned Donny Gilliland of San Francisco Playhouse; Christian Park of Napa Valley Performing Arts Center at Lincoln Theater; John DiLoreto of Tabard Theatre; Peter Hayes of CMT San Jose; and Jeff Kramer of ComedySportz.

VBO would especially like to thank our amazing intern, Kirby Pallis, for all of the dedication that she showed in making the first VBO CON such a smoothly managed event. It is without exaggeration to state that Kirby’s efforts were the vital component to making the event happen.

VBO also wants to thank all of the attendees for making the first VBO CON such a success. We look forward to using our experience gleaned from this year’s conference to make 2016’s experience even better.

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