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As COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions have loosened across all states, the desire for student life integration within colleges and universities is stronger than ever. From theater performances to hosting athletic events, VBO Tickets will provide the most innovative, efficient, and user-friendly university ticketing software to help rehabilitate student life on your campus.

Customizable seating maps

VBO Tickets software allows patrons to easily create their own seating maps that are specific to each venue. In addition to pre-built seating maps, you can use the adjustable seat map builder to construct unlimited seat configurations for both general admission and reserved seating events. The dynamic seat map functionality offers automatic social distancing features and the ability to create customizable seating areas with different pricing structures or tiers. What is particularly unique about our seat map functionality, in addition to the social distancing feature, is that customers will be able to see which seats are available or taken in real time with our seat socket technology. 

Seating map builder
Seating map builder

Campus authentication

The implementation of campus authentication in our university ticketing software authorizes students, faculty, and staff to sign in safely to their accounts during the online purchase process. Any sales or discount codes will be automatically applied to their ticket according to their role on campus. By eliminating the step of selecting what the customer’s role on campus is, maximum convenience and efficiency is achieved.

Subscriptions and memberships

Your organization can utilize up to six different subscription types (some include standard, theatre, and patron subscriptions) that are suitable for specific campus events. These include season tickets and other memberships where you can embed discounts, access to pre-sales, and more. Our university ticketing solution offers various subscriptions that cater to all your events. Attending captivating dance, music, and theatre performances to athletic events has never been more convenient. Our flexible subscriptions allow you to choose any seat in the venue and create the best theatre or athletic season!

Manage subscriptions in your account

Multiple account management

For multi-department organizations, VBO Tickets’ software has a single sign-on feature where users can securely authenticate their credentials one time and apply it to all campus log-in pages. The single sign-on feature also lets individuals within multi-department organizations have their own payment gateways and account admins. 

Flexible billing, service fees, and payment gateways

Our university event management software has pricing features that are tailored to your campus’ needs. Its flexibility offers several options for payment methods, frequency of charge, and complimentary tickets. In cases where a group is buying tickets, split payments can be carried out. Furthermore, payment gateways can be directly connected to VBO Tickets. We support all major payment gateways so existing accounts may be used to sell online or in the box office. Some digital payment and transaction methods that are supported by our university ticketing software include PayPal, Authorize.Net, and Stripe.

White-label and rental venue ticketing

VBO Tickets’ software lets promoters sell tickets to their events using their own website with our industry-leading, embedded white-label technology. The university ticketing interface can be customized to blend seamlessly into your website or application, matching your brand and aesthetic. Furthermore, if your campus would like to rent out facilities to third parties, VBO Tickets’ software will still support their ticketing purchase process. This is done through permission-based access to their events within your account, and embedding the ticket buying interface in the third parties’ website. By working behind the scenes, VBO Tickets’ software keeps customers on your website while providing you with access to event reporting and data analysis.

Carthage College VBO Tickets’ interface embedded on their web page

Customer relationship management (CRM) and advanced reporting

A key feature of our university event management software is Customer Relationship Management (CRM). This plays a significant role in guaranteeing that your campus manages every aspect of communication. The CRM is crucial in taking care of elements from viewing patron profiles to delving into reporting, donations, and subscriptions. In terms of the reporting aspect of the CRM, VBO Tickets’ advanced reporting engine allows administrators to view all order history, communications, and an abundance of other data points. Promoters will have access to over twenty-five pre-built reports with essential information. Outside of the existing data provided in the pre-built reports, other options like custom sales and custom patron reports can be created as well.

Having the ability to pull up a patron’s profile and examine their order history is crucial for improving communication. Their purchase history can inform you about events they’re interested in, giving you insight into which email lists you would like to add them to or how you’d like to communicate in other forms. You can automatically or manually create a list of patron emails based on events and other criteria that can be synced with Mailchimp, Constant Contact, or exported as CSV (Comma-Separated Values). With the power of patron CRM profiles and a multitude of ways to gather customer information, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips to efficiently run your campus events.

Patron CRM Profile
Patron CRM Profile


Beyond simply registering for the events themselves, VBO Tickets’ customer registration forms on campus websites or applications can be customized to collect user information and take applicable registration fees. Colleges and universities commonly use our registration system to set up forms for classes and workshops. Create multi-checkbox fields to gather information like age range, or dietary restrictions. You can take your forms to the next level with ten different field types.

For example, if you were hosting a writing workshop and needed to create a form with a drop down menu with several options, our university ticketing software allows you to do that and run reports on that data. All in all, creating registration forms with VBO Tickets allows you to stay organized and ask for relevant personal information. Regardless of what the registration forms are for, they can be adjusted to support the logistics of your campus event. 

Front end registration form

Advanced, multi-layered security and ADA compliance

VBO Tickets is equipped with advanced, multi-layered security that guarantees a high level of protection. Our white-label technology is fully SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) secured, PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant, and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) regulated. The ticket buying interface passes VPAT testing and is ready for screen reader assisted technologies. We also have experience completing HECVAT documentation for colleges and universities, so rest assured our procedures and documents will fulfill any requirement you bring our way. 


Time and time again, VBO Tickets has demonstrated to our patrons and customers that we’re the leading white-label university ticketing software for campuses worldwide. The effortless nature of our software’s ability to suit your organization’s needs shows the dedication we have in building a system perfect for any campus.

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