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As the holiday season approaches, don’t trap yourself in your ticketing office! Ticket scanners are a great way to greet patrons right from the doors and scan their tickets quickly. Whether you’re using one of our supported ticket scanning devices or our Mobile Event Manager app on your phone, scanning easily checks in your guests quickly to your event. No more long lines in front of an office or difficulty handling multiple entry points: grab your scanning device and be ready to welcome your patrons face-to-face.

Which organizations use ticket scanners? 

Scanners can work for any organization, but are especially handy for large volume events or when your entrances are in multiple locations. However, scanners can oftentimes bring certain benefits to different types of industries. 

Many organizations like using ticket scanners simply to bring ease to their check-in process. Theatres and museums might enjoy using scanners at their doors so guests don’t have to form lines in front of the box office. Scanning right from the doors means that guests can enter the theatre or exhibit as soon as they arrive at your venue without any added hassle.  

Scanning is especially appealing to organizations that have multiple entry points or gates. Festivals, sports arenas, or large music venues can have many different entrances, causing multiple long lines or fear of ticket fraud. To avoid the reuse of the same ticket for multiple entries, our mobile scanning app will tell your staff if a ticket has already been admitted into your event.

No matter which gate someone enters, they cannot pass off their ticket to a friend to enter at a different gate. Since each entry point can also accumulate their own lines, scanning helps quicken the check-in process to get everyone seated as soon as possible. While scanning is great for any industry, it can definitely help ease the minds of organizations that want to avoid fraud and overcrowding. 

Types of Ticket Scanners

Ticket scanners come in many different forms, including our mobile app. VBO Tickets’ Mobile Event Manager app can scan the QR codes on tickets to check in guests right from your mobile device. Simply download the app to be able to scan, check event stats, or view guest lists. Our app provides a condensed view and limited actions compared to our full system available for desktops.

While the app is a great way to scan tickets without purchasing a separate scanner, it uses your phone or tablet’s built-in camera rather than a laser. This means that it might be slower or difficult to scan if you’re in the dark. To avoid lighting issues, purchasing a separate scanning device is a great way to ensure fast scanning, even in the dark.

Popular scanners that are compatible with VBO Tickets are the Chainway C66, Linea Pro 7, and Sunmi L2K, which are all linked on our website. These devices use a laser scanner that can process quickly in most lighting situations. Separate scanners can be helpful if your staff is not comfortable using their own devices or purchasing a phone or tablet to scan tickets with.  

Ticket Scanners

Must-Haves for Scanning Tickets Away from Your Office 

No matter how you choose to scan your tickets, your scanners should help you check in patrons fast without any added stress. When you’re using a separate scanner other than the Mobile Event Manager app, it must have a 2D barcode scanner so QR codes on the tickets can be read. Our team has also put together the mobile app to make sure you have all the information you need at your fingertips.

While scanning, you’ll need access to look up patron accounts to check their transactions, view the status of their ticket, or even perform basic sales including extra tickets or merchandise. When you leave your office behind, you need to have all the necessary information with you, so rely on your ticket scanner to help keep you updated. 

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When you have large crowds or multiple entry points, you don’t want to overwhelm your staff and patrons with long lines or fears of ticket fraud. With mobile ticket scanning, you can use VBO Tickets’ mobile app or a connected scanner to welcome patrons right from your doors. Scanners are quick, efficient solutions to get your guests inside your events in a secure manner. With this advanced scanning technology, our team is confident that we’re going to help you through your busiest seasons with ease!

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