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At VBO Tickets, we work hard to meet the needs of our diverse client base by getting to know the unique challenges faced by each customer. As supporters of many fine arts venues, we’ve learned unique challenges of this market, and have customized our museum ticketing software to help better serve these institutions.

As a museum, you may be facing similar challenges that our clients have overcome through the use of our software:

  • Manage Flow of Patrons During Peak Hours
  • Supporting donor relationships
  • Integration with existing third-party platforms

Manage Flow of Patrons During Peak Hours

Our ticketing software also helps museums sell events within events, whether it be for a special exhibit, tour, or performance. Through the use of timed ticketing, patrons can purchase a general admission ticket, while also selecting a time-frame within which they can attend a particular event. If admittance to the select show or exhibit is attempted outside of the designated ticketing window, the secondary scan will show an error. This helps manage the flow of guests through a specific space, and avoid overwhelming attendance for a particular tour during a popular time of day, which ultimately results in more satisfied attendees. We know the best visitor is the one who becomes a member – so we’ve adapted features to help sell multi-tiered memberships, and even designate exclusive subsets of groupings within each level, as well as process recurring renewals of memberships automatically.

Supporting Donor Relationships

In addition to supporting the efficiency of daily operations, our ticketing system also helps museum staff build loyal and lasting support from constituents through the use of our robust CRM features. While constituent information is updated in real-time with each transaction, our CRM software also allows managers to generate data regarding attendance, giving history, communication history and more. Additionally, our tools can help support marketing campaigns relating to fundraising, manage and track reoccurring sponsorship levels, and help development staff identify new potential donors through detailed reporting.

Integration With Existing Third-Party Platforms

With a large volume of patrons frequenting a single venue each day, VBO Tickets recognizes that museums require ticketing software that is dynamic, reliable and capable of supporting existing systems. Which is why we’ve worked hard to integrate our technology with third-party partners such as Paypal, Stripe, MailChimp and Constant Contact, as well as notable CRM, marketing and event management software. We’ve also launched a integrative VBO Ticket Kiosk –  an all-in-one, portable, user-friendly, point of sale kiosk designed to alleviate box office congestion while supporting your current patron management processes.

With industry-first customizable tools and uniquely designed features to meet our customers’ every need – VBO Tickets is the top choice for cutting edge, all-in-one museum ticketing software!

What box office challenge is your museum currently facing? Let us know in the comments below!

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