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At your college or university, internet security is one of the major ways you keep your students, staff, and faculty safe. When you use VBO Tickets, you’re not only using a software that’s great for all your event management needs; you’re also taking advantage of a system that’s ready to protect your community against online threats. Our college ticketing system has a fully completed HECVAT, multiple security compliances, accessibility compliances such as ADA and VPAT, and works with PCI compliant payment gateways so you’re never taking chances with your most vulnerable information. 

What is HECVAT?

HECVAT, short for Higher Education Community Vendor Assessment Tool, is a questionnaire built to analyze softwares’ security features and measure risk factors associated with using third party platforms. HECVAT questionnaires are completed so vendors can prove they’ve taken the necessary steps to protect the organizations they provide for. These security policies and qualifications assure colleges and universities that their third party companies won’t pose any cybersecurity risks to their community. 

VBO Tickets has completely filled out the HECVAT Full, the most comprehensive version of the questionnaire. The Full version assesses all data-sharing engagements and whether or not your third party partners have qualified or not, so rest assured that our college software is fully prepared to handle your security needs. 

PCI Compliant Purchasing 

Our team has built a college ticketing system with many security features and compliances in mind. Rather than the ticketing system itself being a server, we use Microsoft Azure as a hosting server to provide you with an added layer of security. Microsoft Azure is PCI, ISO, and SOC compliant and prepared to host your most important data so you’re safe while running and using your ticketing system. 

PCI compliance is a big deal for your safety, and you’ll be fully protected by a system and partners that meet PCI standards. PCI, or Payment Card Industry data, assures the safety of card transactions when your patrons pay online or with a card in person. When using PCI compliant systems or payment gateways, the patron’s card information is read, processed, and stored in a secure environment so your patrons’ money can safely transfer from them directly to you. The many transactions that your patrons will carry out, such as payments through gateways like Bluefin, will all occur within this safe, PCI compliant space to protect your card purchases. 

ADA, VPAT, and Other Compliances to Keep You Safe

PCI compliance is not the only security feature you’ll need, so our college ticketing system is also equipped with many other multi-layered features to ensure your protection. The software is fully SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) secured and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulated) regulated to give added layers of safety when you or your patrons are within the system. ADA and VPAT compliances were built to offer accessibility to all users while they safely use the software. Our customer facing purchasing portal is VPAT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template) compliant to prepare the software for screen reading technologies that meet ADA compliance needs. Everyone, no matter what assistive technologies are required, will have access to use or purchase from your new college ticketing software. 


No matter what features and abilities you need within a ticketing system, VBO Tickets has the tools to provide you with excellent service and an accessible, secure ticketing software. Colleges and universities can all rest assured that they can receive the best service while also keeping their community safe while using online systems. With our completed HECVAT and various security compliances, tackle your next semester with ease and peace of mind as you use your new all-in-one college ticketing system.

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