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The landscape of the event industry has changed, and you probably know this by now. However, many companies that provided the tools and software, for organizations to sell tickets to their events, are being forced to exit the industry due to the pandemic. Resilience and determination during this time, has allowed VBO Tickets to provide a home to many organizations that have found themselves recently abandoned by their previous ticketing company.

The solution for SeatAdvisor customers

SeatAdvisor is one of the latest ticketing companies to shut their doors. Luckily many of their customers soon discovered how VBO Tickets could help. Previously, with the recent closing of event ticketing giant, Vendini, we received a large influx of customers in need of a comparable, yet more robust ticketing solution. By solving the needs of organizations who were down and out with their previous platform, we were well prepared for a new wave of SeatAdvisor customers to join our system.

VBO Tickets’ platform functionality has grown incredibly within the last few months. We were eager to address the needs caused by the pandemic, and through it all we came out with some pretty fantastic features. Each has its usefulness to customers with likeminded needs, and others with more tailored requirements.

An easy transition into better ticketing features

SeatAdvisor and Vendini customers found a solution for their event ticketing needs when they came across VBO Tickets. Our system provides an immense suite of tools for running all types of events. The most notable and pertinent to the times we are in, which were also in high demand for past SeatAdvisor customers are the follow:

Video streaming events

Since the start of the 2020 pandemic, the VBO Tickets team worked hard to create one of the most unique and fully integrated video streaming event tools available. In fact, this was the very first new feature we built directly related to the circumstances brought forth by the pandemic. Promoters can create or transform any event into a video streaming event. Simply configure the embed code from your existing third party video player, and even add live chat and accept donations during the streaming session. All promoters, including those coming from SeatAdvisor, will benefit from the fully white label experience of having videos accessed directly from their own website.

Video streaming from setup to viewing

Timed ticketing entry

Our timed ticketing features have actually existed in our system for a while now, but they are a critical part of bringing back live events after this pandemic. When venue capacity guidelines are required, timed ticketing will help regulate the flow of patrons in and out of your event. Promoters can define entry times with ticket quantity limitations, and effectively allow only a certain number of patrons into the venue at each at once.


Front end timed ticketing purchase interface

Social distancing for assigned seating venues

Another necessity for re-opening live events, especially for assigned seating venues, is socially distanced seating. VBO Tickets has built a feature to automatically prevent the purchase of seats next to other sold seats. Promoters can define the number of seats they’d like to have automatically removed to the left and right of a sold seat. One really amazing element is that it’s shown to the ticket buyer in real time! If one patron is buying a seat on their screen, and another patron is looking at the seat map on their own screen, that second patron will no longer see the seats to the sides of a sold seat as available. This feature completely automates social distance seating for venues.

social distancing seat map

Red sold seats automatically remove side seat availability

Proven capabilities

VBO Tickets has proven to customers coming from companies like SeatAdvisor, that we’ve become the number one event ticketing platform capable of supporting all their needs during this crisis, and any time into the future. If you’d like to find out how VBO Tickets can better support and serve your organization during this time, please request a free demo today.

VBO Tickets

VBO Tickets offers the world's leading protected, proven, and powerful event ticketing software platform. Increase event sales and automate your event management with an event ticketing software that's ready to deliver a seamless experience for you and your customers. Follow us for more insights.

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