The VBO team has returned from an eventful trip to the MCN Conference. With a record setting attendance level of over 500 engaged attendees, 2015’s MCN was a terrific success. Participants travelled from near and far to gather and discuss new developments, celebrate seasoned relationships, and look ahead to the future. With its innovative development team and forward thinking approach to e-commerce, VBO found itself among kindred spirits in Minneapolis.

During the days, presentations were given on the latest trends in the museum technology, with a great deal of focus on the digital future of museums. Some of the topics covered included digital rights management (DRM) and digital exhibitors. The evenings found the Minneapolis Arts Museum hosting the crowd and providing entertainment, including special exhibition tours.

In addition to all of the offerings of the conference, VBO took pleasure in sightseeing around Minneapolis, exploring the city and having meetings, some planned, some spontaneous, with venues in the area.

As the conference wound down and bags were packed, it was with a great excitement that VBO returned to San Jose, pleased to have spent 4 days in the company of like-minded professionals, eager to continue developing cutting edge features for the system, and looking ahead to MCN 2016!

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