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On March 16, 2019, fans eagerly lined the gates of the Jamaica National Stadium in Kingston, Jamaica to see headliner Buju Banton. After an 8 year hiatus, Banton’s first show of his tour, Long Walk To Freedom instantly sold out. Drawing in a whopping 36,000 people, many from all over the world ventured to see Banton perform his singles such as “Batty Rider” and “Champion”. Cell phones lit up the stadium as fans recorded Banton’s historic performance, making his show the largest caribbean festival of all time. Many say that Banton’s comeback has been equated to Bob Marley’s final concert in 1980.

Crowd Preparation

With every festival, time and energy are put into setting up a venue. Carbtix, the promoter of Banton’s event required a large team of people to prep 50 entrances around the stadium, placed 35,000 seats, constructed standing room areas and assembled a full stage. As time neared opening, excitement overwhelmed the stadium as people waited to enter. Once entrances opened, gate attendants welcomed thousands of event goers by efficiently scanning each ticket via offline scanning.

Our Solution

Thanks to the long time partnership between VBO Tickets and Caribtix, our ticketing software provided Caribtix with functionality for offline scanning. Due to a lack of internet connection in the Jamaica National Stadium, offline scanning was necessary for this event. Caribtix used this feature by downloading their barcodes to their mobile app, which was connected to a wireless router hub, verifying the authenticity of a patron’s ticket. Once the scanning was completed, Caribtix uploaded their barcodes for tracking and reporting purposes. This strategy allowed them to provide each attendee with a memorable experience in a location where no wifi or cellular data was possible for scanned entry.

As events in the Caribbean expand, we look forward to our future engagements with Caribtixs and other promoters that are in need of an offline scanning functionality. At VBO Tickets, we offer a festival ticketing solution that will enhance the patron’s experience and provide box office managers with multiple functionalities to effectively run their events.

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