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New features with VBO Touch v1.6

VBO Touch 1.6 provides new workflow enhancements to help event managers reduce lines, sell more tickets and customize app settings.

These updates include:

Bluetooth printing: For mobile printing, VBO Touch 1.6 now supports Apple MFi-certified Star Micronics SM-S220. Print receipts directly from your IOS device via bluetooth.

Permission settings and layout improvements: Fully customizable users settings provide event managers full control over VBO Touch access levels and user requirements.

Linea Pro scanner support: Linea Pro scanners for IOS devices: so good even Apple uses them. Linea Pro scanners consist of a sleeve that supercharges your iPhone or iPod Touch into a powerful full featured mobile scanner and sales outlet. Configuration options include: 1D and 2D laser scanning, integrated card swiping, RFID scanning, extended battery and charge stations. All fully integrated with the robust features of VBO Touch v1.6.

To learn more about these new updates or additional information about VBO Tickets please contact Sales at (408) 256-0138 or email

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