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You work hard to stay on top of your incoming orders and patron interactions, so why not use a system that helps you manage your donors at a glance? With the help of our new donor dashboard, VBO Tickets offers you overviews of the most important information all on one convenient page. When you use VBO Tickets’ all-in-one ticketing solution to run your events, you get more than just a ticketing system: you get helpful features to expand and improve your event management.

Know more with the donor dashboard

Our latest dashboard focuses on the people in your community who want to give back to you! View the new donor dashboard to learn everything there is to know about the donations coming into your organization. This dashboard conveniently shows you not only an overview of your donations, but breaks down important donor information to learn more about the generous patrons you have. View percentages such as donor retention rates year to year, as well as graphs that track donations over the course of the last three years. Track not only your recent activity, but also visit your donors’ CRM profiles with the click of a button to easily see their full transaction histories. 

Donor dashboard overview
Overview in the donor dashboard

VBO Tickets offers multiple donation features to personalize your donation campaigns to you, and the dashboard helps you break them down to learn the most about donor behavior. See all your top grossing campaigns, whether you have global campaigns to raise money for or special fundraiser performances. Use the dashboard’s charts to track donor levels and types to track your most popular methods of donation.

Want to keep tabs on the theatre’s top donors? View your highest donating patrons in the lifetime donors list and get quick access to their CRM profiles to see all their recorded donations. No matter how you’re looking to manage your donations, the donor dashboard is prepared to update you on your donors’ behaviors without pulling reports or searching through individual profiles.

Donor levels chart in the donor dashboard
Donor levels chart in the donor dashboard

Use CRM profiles to connect with your community 

Dashboards aren’t just for easy viewing of your sales and donors. CRM profiles can give you a deeper look into what you see on your dashboards from the click of a button. When viewing your donor dashboard, click the names of your top donors to take you straight to their CRM profiles. Profiles tell you everything you need to know about your patrons, from contact information to transaction history. Track communications, see past orders, or view a breakdown of past donations to your donation campaigns. The donor dashboard is an amazing overview of donations at a glance, but take advantage of shortcuts to CRM profiles that break down patron activity and how they interact with your organization.


When you need to learn about the patrons and donors that you have within your community, don’t spend time searching through endless lists or accounts. Use VBO Tickets’ donor dashboard to give you quick, easy, and clear updates on your patrons so you know who your donors are, at any level. Get your most valued information at just a glance with the help of your all-in-one ticketing system.

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