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After more than eight months of development, VBO proudly unveils VBO 2.0.

This latest phase of VBO has been carefully beta-tested over that time to ensure the best possible experience for all of our users, system-wide. Through their invaluable advice and assistance, our beta testers have helped to make the system an even more powerful event management tool.

We’re sure that there will be questions, so we’ve decided to ask (and answer) a few in advance:

Q: How different is this version from the prior one?

A: Besides having a noticeably sleeker look, v2.0 features include the ability to:

1. process split payments for box office transactions
2. navigate through the system using a left-oriented navigation bar and client-set favorite pages
3. post directly to Twitter

…along with many more features that will be detailed in upcoming newsletters.

Q: When will I get to use it?

A: All clients are being moved to the new version over the next several weeks that lead up to VBO CON. If you log in and see the old version, be assured that you will soon be on the new version very soon.

Q: Does this affect VBO Touch, the mobile app?

A: VBO Touch will work exactly as it did before.

We know that there will be questions, and we are here to provide any answers that you need. More features are being developed as I type this, and are sure to appear in future postings. We’re excited for this launch, and thank all of you for being a part of the evolution of VBO.

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