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VBO Tickets is excited to announce our expansion into South Africa. Our mission in this region is to elevate ticketing solutions for local South African businesses and improve their customer’s event going experience.

Spearheading VBO Tickets Africa is Dale Heger, in Johannesburg. Dale’s conversations with multiple businesses has helped us understand some of their needs, such as automatically collecting funds from a payment gate and customer relationship management (CRM) tools. This information has allowed us to demonstrate the powerful capabilities our ticketing software has to offer.

Since the start of 2019, our conversations have led us to working with a handful of great clients in different industries.

Happy Island Waterworld

One of our first attraction clients to use VBO Tickets has helped to pave the way in this market. Home to the newest and largest wave pool in Africa, Happy Island Waterworld sells thousands of tickets during its peak season and utilizes our ticketing software to maximize their ticket sales.

Green Outdoor Gyms (GOG)

Based in Soweto and Lanseria, GOG is a multi-use outdoor playground with various entertainment activities. Established by Tim Hogins, a former security guard, self-funded these parks to host various activities that include festivals and shows. This year, GOG Soweto will be the venue for the 3-day International Jazz Festival.

Goliath and Goliath

A comedy club defying the stigma of social classes brings together many demographics in the affluent Melrose Arch area. Goliath and Goliath is a three-time winner of the Comics Choice Best Friends of Comedy Award for their South African comedy.

Not only are we working with organizations, but we are forming partnerships with companies like SkiData, a hardware company that produces scan entry turnstiles for venues. We look forward to collaborating with SkiData on their future events.

We’re thrilled to offer these organizations the ability to sell tickets with the help of seamless website embedment, email automation, real-time reporting, and a multi-functioning CRM. Together this allows event managers to communicate effectively and provide their guests with a premium experience.

The future of VBO Tickets Africa is bright. We are grateful to have introduced our presence in South Africa and look forward to working with organizations to ensure their ticketing needs are met.

Interested in who VBO Tickets is and how our ticketing platform works? Schedule a free demo today and we’ll show you the way!

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