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What is Google Event Schema Markup?

Increase promotion of upcoming events with the support of Google Event Schema Markup! This tool, supported by VBO Tickets, allows box office managers and promoters to reach more potential customers by highlighting future event details, along with your organization’s information, whenever your business shows up in Google search results or in other Google products such as Google Maps! Next time, when someone is scouring the web, provide them an opportunity to immediately see the upcoming events you have planned and allow them to directly access options to purchase tickets!

How to use VBO Tickets’ Google Event Schema Markup?

When editing information in VBO Tickets’ Event Manager, be sure to include specific details for each event you want featured. Once you’ve completed all applicable fields, you can access the Google Event Schema Markup option at the bottom of the page. Simply copy and paste the script onto your website’s event page in order to allow for event details to populate the next time a user searches for venues, shows, classes and more! There is no need to update the script each time you add or modify dates or details to existing events – the only time you would need to replace the script on your webpage is when you add a new event to VBO’s event manager.

How will VBO Tickets’ Google Event Schema Markup help your business?

Marking up your events will allow users to discover upcoming performances, concerts, tours and more, through detailed date and time information resulting from a simple Google search! Help elevate awareness of promotions and engagements by allowing details to populate in search results on all Google products. Garner more attention using Google Event Schema Markup and sell more tickets!

Sarah Tews

I'm part of VBO Tickets' marketing and onboarding teams to help introduce you to our all-in-one event management software. I like writing informative blogs and web content to keep you up to date with our system, as well as helping new promoters with their onboarding process.

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