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At VBO Tickets, we strive to develop tools to optimize your day-to-day operations and help you sell more tickets! Our timed ticketing feature is just one of the ways our software can assist in streamlining box office sales, boosting attendance, and providing a smooth event-going experience for patrons. Perhaps you’re already utilizing Timed Ticketing, but if not – here’s some of the ways this feature can help!

Benefits of Timed Ticketing:

  • Allows you to set up schedules in advance using templates which can be formatted for recurring or ongoing events, duplicated as-needed, and even set on auto-repeat status.
  • Supports the need to sell specific events occurring within the general admission space, helping you regulate the flow of patrons through a particular exhibit or tour, and avoid overcrowding. Conditional scheduling also helps prevent customers from purchasing tickets to events that overlap in duration.
  • The Time-Slot Availability tool gives you the ability to view, track, and edit ticket availability in real-time. Additionally, sold out time frames are made invisible to patrons, preventing accidental over-selling.
  • Our Check-In Manager tool lets you quickly view guest lists for each time-slot, personalizing the admission process for customers, while also avoiding hang-ups caused by misplaced or damaged tickets.

At VBO Tickets, we believe technology should help people, which is why we develop tools to improve your customers’ event-going experience, while allowing you to manage events easily, and efficiently.

Sarah Tews

I'm part of VBO Tickets' marketing and onboarding teams to help introduce you to our all-in-one event management software. I like writing informative blogs and web content to keep you up to date with our system, as well as helping new promoters with their onboarding process.

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