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Have You Been Using VBO’s Widgets?

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VBO has several widgets available now for embedding into your website. What exactly is a widget? A widget is an application that can be inserted into a website and used for light functions. The VBO widgets are designed to pull dynamic data from out of your event management system and bring it into your website. The widgets available are the Calendar Widget, the Event List Widget, the Donation Widget, and the Smart Button. Each has a specific function that can be used to streamline the selection process for your patrons.

Why would a promoter want to use a widget?

Firstly, a widget loads instantly, as each widget uses less code than the VBO plug in. This gives promoters the power to place fast loading, dynamic selling tools on any page, and keep the patron purchasing experience easy. The Event List Widget and the Event Calendar Widget make a useful addition to a promoter’s home page.

Secondly, the widgets are completely customizable via HTML, and can be styled on the promoter end via CSS without going through VBO. This gives promoters the ability to easily blend the widgets into the overall aesthetic of their website.

The small size and streamlined functionality of these widgets make them an ideal addition to your website. Let’s take a closer look at them:

Event Calendar Widget

post_38_1The Event Calendar widget is a mini calendar that can be placed on your website

The event colors are set by the promoter, and each event date links to the event page.

Click here for an example

Event List Widget

post_38_2The Event List Widget allows clients to display a simplified list of upcoming events, highlighting the name and date. Each event has its own button that links to the ticket purchase page.

This widget is very configurable, and gives promoters a variety of options for displaying their events. Images can be added to each event, and events with multiple days can a single link, or one for each event date.

Click here for an example

Donation Widget

post_38_3The Donation Widget is used for placing a donation button on a page that, when clicked, will immediately open up to display a donation gateway.

Promoters choose which of their donation campaigns will populate into each button, and can utilize many across their website to increase a campaign’s success.

Click here for an example

Smart Button

A Smart Button is a button that can be embeded anywhere within your website or blog. Why a “Smart Button”? Ever wished to not have to update your links on your website everytime you create a new event? Well, here is your answer. VBO Smart Buttons will intelligently find your next event (based on your logic) and dynamically update the link to your ticket page, and reducing the need for manually updating event ids or web link info.

Another key feature of the Smart Button is that it will appear only if there is an event to which it can link. This property can keep a promoter’s website free from unnecessary elements.

All of these widgets are found in the Setup section of each VBO account, under the White Label tab. For more information on utilizing these features, please get in touch with a VBO rep today.

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