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Curious as to how your organization can benefit from selling tickets online? In addition to reaching a wider audience, selling your tickets directly on your website not only makes your business seem more cohesive but also saves you money. These are four benefits of selling tickets on your website.

Convenient For The Buyer

Studies show that the fewer clicks it takes to buy an item, the more purchases people make. Accordingly, when potential customers are on your website, the simpler and more convenient it is to buy tickets, the more inclined they will be to buy them. This is especially significant when people are browsing on your website because the thought of buying your tickets is already on their minds. With VBO Tickets’ various online sales features like Auto Load Subscribers, which automatically applies benefits to the buyers’ cart, the customer’s transaction process is greatly simplified, which will boost ticket sales.

Minimal Box Office Overhead

In addition to boosting up your ticket sales, switching to online ticketing can also cut down on your box office expenses. You can benefit from fewer box office personnel costs, and with features like VBO Pay and Thermal Ticket Printing, there won’t be as large of a hold up for customers to buy tickets.

Never Be Redirected to Another Website

Usually, when online stores use a third party system to sell tickets, the customer is taken to another website. However, opening a new website can cause unnecessary confusion in your customers and lead to them abandoning their purchase. That’s why we offer white label ticketing software, so our plug-in will look like a part of your website.

Customizable Embedded Plug In

Along with being redirected to another website, an obvious shift in the formatting of your website can confuse and put potential customers off of buying tickets. With a customizable plug in, you can easily style your plug in to fit the rest of your website and create a seamless transition between your web page and the plug in. Your patrons will never know this isn’t your own ticketing system.

VBO Tickets helps you do all of this, and more. Not only will you save money on box office costs and have a more complete ticketing platform, but you’ll likely also attract new patrons and boost ticket sales. With unique features like Timed Ticketing, which allows you to have variable admission time slots, and SeatSocket, a technology that shows the real time seat activity to the buyer, your business can grow faster and larger than ever before.

VBO Tickets

VBO Tickets offers the world's leading protected, proven, and powerful event ticketing software platform. Increase event sales and automate your event management with an event ticketing software that's ready to deliver a seamless experience for you and your customers. Follow us for more insights.

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