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Marketing is an essential part of any organization, especially when promoting a new event. If properly executed, these tactics can bring more people to your events and excite them on a whole nother level. Event marketing helps to grasp your current and future patrons attention by speaking directly to them in an engaging way.

Market To Past Event-Goers

Building and maintaining relationships is arguably the most important aspect in promoting your event. An effective way of doing this is by communicating with people who have attended your events in the past. Generate a list of attendees from similar previous events and add them to your email marketing list. Now you’ve got a group of people you know have purchased tickets before, and are likely to be interested in your next event. A single email newsletter may not be sufficient, and a follow-up email could help seal the deal. Studies show that emails sent out the first time have a low response rate but follow-up emails tend to be more effective and draw a higher conversion.

VBO Tickets allows you to easily export a list of past ticket buyers from any of your events for quick import into MailChimp or Constant Contact so you can get your email marketing campaign underway fast.

Send Pre-Event Reminder Emails

Sending out email campaigns is great for getting new ticket buyers. But how should you communicate after someone has purchased a ticket? With reminder emails, you have an opportunity to speak directly with the ticket buyer and even remarket to them. This type of email should go out before the event starts. Utilize a reminder email to entice patrons to buy again, and even share tickets with their friends. VBO Tickets offers the choice of sending out two reminder emails automatically, making it a valuable tool for your event marketing.

Send Post Event Thank You Emails

Thank you emails are another powerful form of communication with the potential for more than just thanking patrons for their attendance. Utilize thank you emails to ask your patrons to share their experience on social media, and list your upcoming events with links to buy tickets. With reminder and thank you emails, this gives you the opportunity to leverage one on one marketing tactics to promote your events.

Make Sharing Your Event Easy

Publicize your events on social media platforms by giving customers the ability to do this for you! By including social share links directly on events during the purchase process, this offers a quick and convenient way for patrons to share the event with friends and family. Social sharing, especially in this day and age, is super important. Not only is it free, but it’s a way for you to automate your social marketing without doing the work yourself.

Offer a Social Sharing Discount

Incentivize patrons with a social sharing discount before they checkout. This is a unique type of discount where you will benefit from social media exposure for your event, and your patron gets an amount off their order, which you define. VBO Tickets offers promoters this valuable feature so you can effectively sell and market your event all at once!

Collect Conversion Tracking Data

Do you leverage digital advertising networks such as Facebook or Google ads for your events? Being able to view traffic details or track event conversions along with other important purchase behavior data can be invaluable. Improve your ticket sales and market to a more narrow group of patrons! VBO Tickets offers per event tracking fields so you can insert any code you need for tracking an event.

Add Google Event Schema Markup

Make your patrons more aware of your events with the Google Event Schema Markup! Google, the world’s largest search engine, can assist you with event promotion by showing your upcoming events when your organization is searched. It is also great for increasing your click-through rate and improving your ranking too! With this feature, your patrons have an easier ticket buying experience, and you have a great way to advertise your future events! Add Google Event Schema Markup to your event pages easily in VBO Tickets.

Cross Promote Your Other Events

Promote your other current or future events by cross-listing during the checkout process. This gives your patron’s the opportunity to discover more events they may find interesting. You may even offer ticket buyers a special discount to an event in your cross promotion to help you increase sales!

Advertise On Your Tickets

Your digital and physical tickets are a great place to advertise your other events. Use available display space to grab the attention of your ticket buyers by making them more aware of your upcoming events. You may also want to sell this space to an event sponsor or offer discounts for event-related items.


Marketing your next event will be even more effective when you apply these special tactics. It’s not only important to do this on your website, but within the ticketing system you’re using to sell your events. With VBO Tickets you’re given all these tools and more to market your event efficiently and benefit from the results. Our robust event ticketing software offers not only the marketing tools to sell your events but the ability to turn ticket buyers into valuable patrons who become future subscribers or membership holders.

VBO Tickets

VBO Tickets offers the world's leading protected, proven, and powerful event ticketing software platform. Increase event sales and automate your event management with an event ticketing software that's ready to deliver a seamless experience for you and your customers. Follow us for more insights.

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