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Happy New Year! As we march into 2013, we continue to add tools to our cloud based event management software. One of the great things about working with such a diverse set of customers is we learn a lot about the experience they are providing for their customers.

The common theme is that they want to provide the best experience to their patrons that they can. That is an end to end event that leaves a positive feeling. We realize that we are a small part of this process and work very hard to make our user interface easy..

As a result, we are always listening to feedback and to coming up with new ideas for to provide a better customer experience. We have two really big developments that we would like to introduce to you.

1. Global Donation Widget: We have created a streamlined donation button that you can add anywhere on your website solely for the purpose of online donation collection. The cool part is you never leave the page, the donation is SSL layer secure, and it takes three steps! Your patrons press the “Donate Now” button, they enter an amount and then enter their billing information.

Automatically, a thank you letter and receipt with tax ID is emailed out. You get an email notifying receipt of a donation and capture of patron data.

This donation function can also be added to the check out process during ticket purchase or event registration.

2. Rewards Cards/Gift Cards: The VBO Event Manager now can manage third party or virtual reward and gift cards. This tool lets you manage a patron account balance or gift card balance with a unique identifying number. You can use cards that you have purchased from a third party source with your logo and swipe them through a card swiper to track the number and acount information. Or you can create a virtual card or certificate and generate for your patrons.

Thanks for reading.

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