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You may have heard that Vendini’s parent company, AudienceView, announced this month it will be shutting down Vendini for good. Many organizations are now faced with the choice of transitioning to AudienceView’s own platform, or searching for suitable Vendini Alternatives. And what we’re being told from past Vendini clients is that the former option was not ideal. If you are one of the numerous Vendini users now with an immediate need of finding a Vendini alternative to event ticketing, then you know there are many platforms to research and very little time to waste.

Numerous VBO Tickets clients have come to us from Vendini; after realizing we were the Vendini alternative that they had been hoping for. Due to recent changes in the event industry, more Vendini users are finding out that VBO Tickets has everything that they liked about Vendini, but with so much more. Offering such a robust alternative didn’t happen overnight. We have been working with organizations and promoters throughout the years to build what we believe is the most complete all-in-one event ticketing software. One that surely beats Vendini as an alternative solution.

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Let’s dive into the features you probably use most in Vendini and see how VBO Tickets can help you achieve better results.

Reporting features you’ve always wanted

Your experience with reporting in Vendini likely didn’t go smoothly when you needed it to. And we are willing to bet it didn’t offer the exact reports on the data you wanted to review. Not to mention inconsistencies, incorrect reporting on certain information such as reconciliations and split payments. Well, you don’t need to stress over those old clunky reports anymore!

VBO Tickets has spent many years developing one of the industries most detailed and complete reporting engines. Our clients love it! And with more than 25 types of reports and the ability to generate custom reports, we’ve got your event data needs covered. If you struggled with reporting before, then our platform is the perfect Vendini alternative for you.

vendini reporting alternative

Custom sales and patron reports offer tons of data output options.

So many choices!

  • Event summary reports
  • Cashier reports
  • Reconciliation reports
  • Transaction reports
  • Will call reports
  • Donation reports
  • Subscriber reports
  • Custom patron reports
  • Custom sales reports
  • … And much more!
vendini alternative reports

Custom sales report with basic data output

Experience what VBO Tickets can do for you!


Flexible timed ticketing features

If you had been with Vendini for a while, and needed to sell timed entry tickets to your events, it may not have met all your expectations. Museums, tourism, and attractions all have structured their patron experience around the ability to sell tickets with specific entry times. For markets like these, we are a great Vendini alternative. VBO Tickets has improved timed ticketing features that will accommodate any venue’s needs. We offer the simplest three step timed ticket interface, or an intricate conditional setup which allows multiple time slots for different ticket types and events within events. We’ve got an amazing alternative to Vendini with the most flexible timed ticketing features you’ll ever find.

vendini alternative timed ticketing

Event manager timed ticketing interface

Industry leading timed ticket event features

  • Sell events within events
  • View, track, and edit time slot availability
  • Simple or advanced purchase process options
  • Prevent ticket time purchase overlap
  • Guest list check-in tools
  • Create time schedules that can be copied
  • General admission and timed entry all on one ticket
  • …And more!

A full fledged donation platform

While Vendini’s fundraising options may have helped you get by, VBO Tickets’ advanced fundraising and donation features take it to a whole other level. Finding an alternative to Vendini does not mean settling for the same set of features you previously had. In the case of managing your donors and campaigns, we give you the tools to see each patron’s activity in the most detailed view.

vendini alternative fundraising

A complete overview from your donor dashboard

Elevate your donation & fundraising efforts

  • Take donations during event ticket sales
  • Take donations on stand alone pages
  • Take donations during live stream video events
  • Create donation campaigns
  • Add donor levels
  • Set visual fundraising goals
  • Send Automatic donor thank you letters
  • … And more!

Virtual events with video streaming

Any suitable Vendini Alternative must include features for selling live streaming and on-demand virtual events. At this time there’s a huge demand for video events, and if the Vendini alternatives you’re now reviewing do not offer virtual event streaming, current circumstances may require that you do. VBO Tickets was one of the first event ticketing solutions to develop a gated pay-wall feature for selling tickets to video streaming events. And we’ve since created integrations and features to make virtual events as flexible as possible for promoters. VBO Tickets is unquestionably the leader in monetizing virtual events.

vendini alternative virtual events

Video streaming from setup to viewing

Our virtual event solution includes features you won’t find with other Vendini Alternatives. And best of all, it works seamlessly with our white label embedment. This means you can sell tickets to your virtual event directly within your own website, without your patrons ever leaving your website or knowing you’re using VBO Tickets.

Our suite of video streaming features includes

  • Use popular video platforms like Zoom, Vimeo, YouTube, Twitch, and more!
  • Use any other video platform that supports embed code.
  • Sell live streaming video events
  • Sell on-demand videos
  • Patrons’ personal video library
  • Offer limited time rentals for videos
  • Offer a life-time purchase for videos
  • Live chat during video stream
  • Take donations during video stream
  • Set pre-sale dates for virtual events
  • … And more!

Easy data import from Vendini into VBO Tickets

We provide a straightforward method of importing your sales data into our system. By exporting your data from Vendini, and using our CSV template, we’ll be able to import your data into your new VBO Tickets account. For more complex imports, our development team is capable of customizing and creating an import solution.

Choose the best Vendini alternative

As you’re faced with the decision to stay with AudienceView or switch to a Vendini alternative, the choice is clear. VBO Tickets has every essential feature you need. It is a major upgrade from Vendini. We offer a multitude of additional functionality just waiting for you to harness its power. VBO Tickets’ unique ability to address your specific needs makes the transition from Vendini into VBO Tickets easy and seamless. Our advanced technology which is continuously improved, helps you run your events better than ever before; standing out to those searching for the perfect Vendini alternative.

No time to waste! Experience VBO Tickets For Yourself.

VBO Tickets

VBO Tickets offers the world's leading protected, proven, and powerful event ticketing software platform. Increase event sales and automate your event management with an event ticketing software that's ready to deliver a seamless experience for you and your customers. Follow us for more insights.

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