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As events re-open, and assigned seats can be purchased once again, it’s crucial to have ticket buying features that help patrons feel safe in your venue. Our new social distancing feature for seat maps delivers the solution that matter most, especially in this time of need. You might even say we’ve literally gone the distance – and then some – for promoter and patron alike.

Enforce number of empty seats between patrons

Promoters are now able to define the number of seats they’d like to have automatically removed to the left and right of a sold seat or group of seats. The system will automatically prevent the purchase of seats next to other sold seats. As one ticket buyer is selecting their seats, another patron will see your online seat map accurately displaying non-selectable socially distanced seats in real time. Combined with existing seat map customization and admin flexibility, this helps intelligently control socially distanced seating, keeping venues compliant and audiences both safe and confident in that safety.

VBO Tickets’ ability to not just predict needs, but to deliver on them, truly underscores our commitment to a relevant product with a focus on critical system adaptability. Even before 2020’s extreme challenges, we prided ourselves on our dedication to continually evaluate actual needs, prioritize them, and implement them swiftly to ensure your business runs as smoothly as possible. Especially during this pandemic, socially distanced assigned seating maps were a big need.

As demonstrated with timely tech rollouts like social distance seating automation, we are continually providing clients the needed agility to clear pandemic proportioned hurdles. For any business needing a quick and complete white label ticketing solution, we hold the competition at a comfortable (even when not required) distance.

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VBO Tickets

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