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Here at VBO Tickets, we know how important it is for theatres to have a quick, accessible, and efficient system to manage events. That’s why our team has worked countless hours to provide a theatre ticketing software full of advanced features to aid in all your event needs. With elements that assist with everything from unique seating maps to season subscriptions, our system is ready to help make your theatre box office software as successful as it can possibly be.

Theatre Subscriptions

If there’s one thing that keeps patrons coming back to your theatre again and again, it’s knowing that they will have continued access to their favorite seats each time they visit. Subscriptions grant patrons a deal in which they are guaranteed the same seats and benefits for whichever events you include in your subscription package. Guests can choose whichever seat they prefer and are given access to that same seat for the entire season. Rather than purchasing a new ticket for each performance, theatre subscriptions allow your guests to rest easy knowing they will be able to sit in their favorite seats each time they attend. 

Seating Maps for Preferred Seating 

Having a clear seat map for your venue will allow guests a visual of your theatre before they choose their spots. Our theatre box office software allows you to upload a seating map background with your own sections, rows, and seat numbers to clearly depict your venue layout for an easy and stress-free experience on both ends. Time to lay down seats! Our adjustable seat map builder allows the construction of any venue map for different theatre configurations, no matter your setup. Patrons with subscriptions are also given the benefit of preferred seating, in which our ticketing software will populate the seats they’ve chosen in the past and suggest them to your patron before others are able to select them. Preferred seating choices can be automatically added to a patron’s account, making the information accessible for the next time they choose to visit your venue. 

theatre ticketing software for reserved seating maps


Your patrons might not always be ready to purchase a ticket right away, and our hold option allows guests time before completing their order. This feature from our theatre box office software can place one or more tickets on hold for a certain amount of time before customers are asked to finish their purchase. We place you in control of holds by allowing you to choose an expiration date and reminder emails to encourage your guest to finish their order. Holds give you and your customers a unique experience that is special to VBO Tickets, as our team is dedicated to providing options and leeway to your guests while still bringing in patrons and revenue for your theatre. 

CRM with Integrated Donations

VBO Tickets knows just how important customer relationship management is for any theatre ticketing software. That’s why our CRM feature gives you a close look at all patron interactions and information to keep the clearest communication between you and your customers. CRM features include complete profiles with all customer information, patron ratings, and extensive records of past and current purchases. 

Donations are essential to any organization, so our team has worked hard to ensure that donation information is clear when patrons are buying online. Easy-to-add donation options are available before a customer finishes their ticket purchase, or as a stand alone fundraising tool, and includes automatic thank you messages. Integrated donations ensures continued money flow from your most generous donors back to you. 

Custom Sales & Patron Reports 

Your theatre will likely cater to multiple types of customers who come to various different performances, so keeping track of your finances is important. To help you stay on top of your financial tracking, our team has integrated custom sales reports into our theatre ticketing software. Custom sale reports allow easy access to the multitude of transactions that occur from all of your patrons, including information such as patron names and addresses, order IDs, payment details, and much more. 

Our patron reports feature also allows you to get to know your patrons better and keep them coming back to your theatre. These reports let you quickly and easily pull information about your patrons, whether it be the amount of performances they’ve attended, how many tickets they’ve bought, how they’ve paid for their transactions, and more. Both custom sales and patron reports were carefully designed by our team to give you the best access to your patrons’ buying habits, keeping you on top of your own finances.

Social Distancing & Public Health 

Here at VBO Tickets, we know that the pandemic has provided unseen challenges for the theatre industry. To make sure that you and your patrons are all kept healthy, we’ve integrated several features into our theatre box office software to make your seating arrangements safe for all attendees. The social distancing setting allows you to input a certain number of seats in between patrons to keep them separate from one another.

Choose the number of seats you’d like to distance your guests by, and then our ticketing software will automatically populate that amount of seats on either side of your patrons’ purchased spots. Our social distancing feature can be used to fit your personal needs depending on your seating configuration and your preferences for separating your visitors. With the integration of this feature, you and your patrons can rest easier knowing that coming to your theatre won’t pose a threat to public health and safety. 

ADA Compliance 

VBO Tickets wants to help you make your theatre accessible to all patrons, no matter their needs. Our ADA accessibility features help you create seat maps for patrons who are not able to access and use your regular seating. Within our theatre ticketing software, easily mark your wheelchair accessible spots so buyers can see online which seats will work for their needs. Our team doesn’t want to only single out those who use wheelchairs, which is why we also worked hard to put together companion seats. These special seats are for friends or family who would like to sit by ADA seats, or for patrons who need to be near an ADA area for any reason. Our ADA compliant seating means that your theatre will be ready to serve everyone who is interested in visiting for your performances. 

Virtual Events & On-Demand Video 

The pandemic has provided more difficulties beyond seating arrangements: some patrons may want the safety of viewing your events from home. Our virtual events and on-demand video features allow customers to view your performances outside of your theatre, still generating revenue from those who are wary of in-person events. To encourage ease of access for your virtual customers, patrons can click “watch now” options to view a live feed straight from your theatre website, or can unlock your virtual events through a VBO-hosted webpage. No matter how your customers choose to view your performances, this ticketing software feature for performing arts means that no one will have to miss out on buying tickets for each of your events. 

VBO Tickets’ Mobile App

Manage event attendance away from the box office by using the Mobile Event Manager app to access the tools needed for running your even on the day of a performance. The VBO Tickets app allows you to harness the power of our ticketing software system from your mobile device to sell tickets to shows, scan in or out patron’s tickets, view event statistics, and more. Our ticket scanning feature will make checking in guests a simple and efficient process for all theatres, with a barcode scanning option directly in the app. Use the app with one of our supported laser scanning devices for an even faster and more precise experience.. Quickly check guests in and out by searching their names, or scan their tickets to bring up all their order information. With our app in hand, our ticket software for performing arts provides ease of access for all theatres, no matter their needs.  

Achieving a Successful Season with VBO Tickets

At VBO Tickets, we believe that technology should help bring people together, inside the theatre and out. We strive to make a difference in our clients’ lives by providing them the resources to be as successful as possible. That’s why our theatre ticketing software aims to provide only the highest-quality features to bring you and your patrons the best experience possible. By harnessing features tailored specifically to your theatre’s success, VBO Tickets knows it can bring your organization your most prosperous season yet.

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