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Every museum wants to have a cutting-edge system to make sure they sell tickets and keep their patrons happy. VBO Tickets knows that your museum is no different: that’s why we’ve built our services to fit all your museum ticketing software needs. With factors such as timed ticketing, donation campaigns, memberships, and more, we’re confident that we can provide an event management solution ready to meet each of your individual needs.

Multiple Event Types

Your museum is much more than just your exhibits, so why box yourself into only selling exhibit tickets? VBO Tickets helps you plan for all sorts of experiences, such as galas, tours, fundraisers, and more. By handling many different types of events, never worry about having to juggle several different platforms to handle your non-exhibit developments.

Our team is experienced with creating registrations so patrons can learn all you have to offer, from fundraising parties to children’s nights. Customize each of your proceedings from our museum ticketing software to reflect registration needs or seating arrangements, and VBO Tickets will keep you covered. While you continue to sell your day-to-day exhibit tickets, we’ll help you sort out all special event ticketing, too. 

Timed Ticketing

Control incoming patrons with our timed ticketing feature, created specifically to help you manage how and when your patrons can access your events. Our museum software can help you create daily entry times that your patrons can purchase tickets for, meaning you’ll know exactly who comes to your exhibits at what times.

Have special exhibits that will only be offered for a limited period? Set up dates with specified time frames so your patrons are aware of which dates that exhibition is available. Timed ticketing also helps avoid overcrowding and long lines; in the time of the pandemic, it’s important to know how many people are at your facility at once. That’s why our team wanted to put you at ease by creating timed tickets to give you control over your patron’s traffic patterns. 

Donations and Gift Campaigns 

VBO Tickets wants to help your patrons give back to your community. To help fund all your museum endeavors, our museum ticketing software offers donation and gift campaigns so your patrons can help financially support you.

Run multiple donation campaigns at once to fundraise for specific events within your museum while also raising money for your organization in general. Your campaigns are visible to your patrons in several different ways, whether you’d prefer a popup window at checkout or a permanent place as a widget on your website. Want to easily track how far you’ve come? Use our progress bar feature to see how far you are from reaching your goals, even if you’re running more than one campaign at once. 

Donation campaigns specifically support your organization, but VBO Tickets also wants to help you encourage your patrons to donate. Set up special perks to those who donate, or use the donor dashboard feature on our museum software to understand which donors are the most generous and reward them with outside benefits. With donation campaigns in your grasp, you’ll be able to strengthen the bond between your museum and its patrons. 


As a museum, memberships are an essential part of keeping your customers returning. VBO Tickets’ membership feature helps you gain patrons through recurring member packages that you can sell directly from your website.

Patrons can sign up for one month, three months, six months, or a year and come everyday during their membership period. Worried that renewing all your membership subscriptions will cause stress? Our team wanted to make your member management as easy as possible, so we instituted auto renewal emails. Easily select which days you want to send reminder emails to your members so they know when their renewal date is approaching. With VBO Tickets, welcoming in new members and keeping them on board will never be a hassle: our museum software is by your side to help you out. 

museum ticketing software for memberships

CRM and Patron Management 

Does your current ticketing system make your patrons seem like strangers? VBO Tickets wants to help you get to know your customers, so our customer relationship management system is full of features to help you understand your patrons. Our museum software’s CRM profiles allow you to manage your patrons all on one page for ease of access. Easily see contact information, transaction history, donor activity, payment records, subscriptions, and more! With so much important information at your fingertips, building your community of patrons won’t be difficult; instead, you’ll be able to learn everything about them and their buying habits with the click of a button. 

crm profile stats

Mobile Capabilities

Our team knows that we’re living in the age of technology, and that mobile devices can help businesses run more effectively. With our Mobile Event Manager app, our team has figured out a way to expand your museum ticketing software so you’re up to date with the latest technology.

Quickly scan in patrons using our app’s ticket scanner. Not only does this help avoid long lines, but it also helps you keep track of who’s coming in and out of your museum. Need help knowing if the correct patrons came for their assigned timed entries? Use our app to look up their profile and scan them in, or view event statistics to see how your exhibits or other events are doing. Don’t ever worry about being out of the loop: our mobile options keep you on top of your patron counts and event data. 


VBO Tickets wants to make a difference for your museum. That’s why our team has put together efficient and easy-to-use features such as timed ticketing, memberships, and more to make your museum software the best for your organization. When you harness the capabilities of our event management system, your museum won’t be the only thing that succeeds: your patrons will keep coming back again and again to watch your organization grow.

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