Figuring out how to improve your museum operations is something every organization tries to achieve. With multiple areas to either fix or develop, sometimes it’s difficult to figure out where to even start. If you are looking for some advice on where to begin, we believe it all starts with the ticketing solution you’re using. In VBO Tickets, we have streamlined the process of managing your admissions, donors, events, and memberships for museums.

Donor Management

Managing your donors can become a complicated issue without the proper tools available. For example, maybe the system you currently have takes too long to set-up or isn’t capable of handling a large number of donors. Having the right donor management tools can make all the difference. Here’s how VBO Tickets alleviates donor management frustrations.

Start by creating donor levels based on price ranges. This can seamlessly fit in with your existing model by customizing the name of each level. Located in your donor’s CRM profile, you can manage each donor by setting account type labels, tags, star rating, and other personal details. From their profile, see an overview of donations by year or season, and a complete history of all donations made.

With all of this at your fingertips, easily get the information you need to effectively communicate with your donors!

Timed Ticketing

Trying to find a solution that will optimize your box office lines and stop overlapping event times? With timed ticketing, our feature will help to assist your box office sales, boost your patron attendance, and create smooth event transitions throughout each day. If your organization has multiple timed events, then this feature is game changing!

Build a pricing template that works to accommodate your organization’s needs. These templates can be tailored by price, section, and ticket type. Create multiple pricing templates and adjoin them to the events you want to use timed ticketing for. Conditional tickets are set-up as a secondary ticket and are triggered by the purchase of a primary ticket.

With timed ticketing, the time-slot tool gives you the ability to view, track, and edit ticket availability in real-time. If a time-slot is sold out, patrons are notified during their selection process. This is used to prevent the over-selling of your events.

Last but not least, our check-in manager gives you the ability to see who is attending the event and to check each person in by simply tapping a button on their name.

Ticket Add-Ons

For the patrons who are purchasing tickets to your museum, offer them a ticket add-on to make their event-going experience better! Depending on the type of event, you have the option to sell whatever you want with after you purchase a primary ticket.

To use this functionality, choose one of the events you have created. Edit the event by checking the ticket add-on box and name the add-on you want to sell during checkout. This perk will benefit your museum sales, and your patrons can enhance their experience if they choose to do so.


Museum memberships are great for your patrons that avidly attend your events. This way, your patrons have the opportunity to visit your organization as long as they want!

Under set-up, add a membership by selecting it under the subscription type. Name the memberships and add an allotted amount of tickets to it. Choose the duration (1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year), and if you want the tickets to be applied per event or event date. If you’re going to discount your membership, then that is an option you can add as well.

Many of our museum clients use these features to benefit their organization in various ways. We know these features are useful in bettering your organization, increasing your patron’s satisfaction and their experience. Not only do these features help museums they’re also great for tours and attractions too!

Looking to see a demo on how we can help your museum? Request one with us today!

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