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Besides the booming tech industry, the Bay Area is filled with plenty of activities for locals and tourists to enjoy. If you’re in the mood to see a comedy and you want to have a great laugh, there is always something for everyone. Here are four improv clubs we have in mind!

Made Up Theatre

Made Up Theatre, a premiere improv club in Fremont, has been making people laugh for almost ten years. Every weekend, Made Up Theatre holds different shows where everyone can get in on the fun! On Fridays, their Laugh Track City performance is similar to the show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”, where audience participation is allowed in the form of shouting out suggestions and volunteering to perform on stage. As for Saturdays, they have an improvised play called Closing Night, where the first act is a series of scenes based on suggestions and the second act is an improvised play from an audience-suggested title. Not to forget, they also host a Family Friendly Matinee that is appropriate for children during the first and third week of each month. Although their shows are pretty hilarious, they also give back to their community by providing courses and summer camps that help people develop their public speaking skills and self-confidence levels. If you’re ever in the city of Fremont, make it a priority to stop by their brand new venue, situated in the historic Clark Building on the corner of 4000 Bay Street. You won’t want to miss out on seeing a Made Up Theatre show! Tickets to a performance can be purchased directly from their website.

ComedySportz San Jose

The ComedySportz franchise has been around for over three decades, performing matches throughout various venues worldwide and in their own cities. With multiple franchises across the United States, we want to zoom in on ComedySportz San Jose, who most recently won the 2017 ComedySportz competition. This show is unique because it is a battle between two teams that are trying to win multiple improv games. After each game is over, the voting is done by the audience and then tallied at the end to see which group wins. Also, ComedySportz San Jose is big on team building because they believe that communication and listening skills are vital to strengthening relationships within and outside of work. They also have various levels of educational classes that help to improve a student’s social and business skills, as well as recreational leagues for people that want to continue their training for a more extended period. If you are interested in visiting the San Jose location, shows are held on Fridays and Saturdays and consist of different games every weekend. We highly recommend ComedySportz because it is a fast-paced show that is entertaining for all groups of people!

BATS Improv

BATS Improv, an award-winning theatre in San Francisco has been cracking people up since 1986. As an artistic community, their goal is to create and innovate improv that is engaging and unique from a classic sketch or stand-up performances. BATS Improv holds different shows every month, such as “short form” shows on Friday and “long form” on Saturday. Their School of Improv offers classes year-round for actors and non-actors. These classes help break students out of their comfort zones by giving them the necessary tools to boost their self-confidence and communication skills. BATS Improv also provides businesses with productive group training programs that help to strengthen team bonds through the fundamentals of improv. These training exercises are fun for everyone in comparison to the traditional team building techniques used in companies. As a theatre community, BATS Improv aims to connect with people and spread the love of improv with everyone in their path. If you are in for a laugh, we encourage you to check out a show! Buy tickets directly from their website. You won’t regret it!

American Improv Theatre

American Improv Theatre, a newer theatre in San Jose, was founded to build a community of fellow improvisers. Located in the Black Cat Licorice Theatre, American Improv Theatre gets people out of their comfort zones with the help of improvisation. Every week they have scheduled events known as their San Jose Improv Festival. These events consist of a variety of workshops and shows that are put on throughout the weekend. On top of their weekend festivals, team building events are a big part of their organization because they believe that improv is a great way to connect with your co-workers. To request a corporate team building event, more information can be found on their website. If you are interested in visiting American Improv Theatre, tickets can be purchased on their Facebook page, or from their website. We encourage you to see a show because their acts bring a memorable experience that everyone can partake in.

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