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Are you looking for new ways to increase your donations? Grabbing the attention of your patrons to ask for a donation can be difficult, especially in a world where everyone is faced with so much information. Finding the best way to collect donations can be challenging. To help you out, we’ve put together 4 creative ways that can maximize your donation campaigns.

1. Share your online donation URL during your event

Whether you put on a tour, show, or conference, advertising your online donation URL is an effective way to make patron’s aware that they can donate to your organization. For example, an improv theatre may already be displaying content on a projector. They can easily place this URL into a slide and show everyone in the theatre. Or, as a tour guide handing out pamphlets before the tour, there may be a prominent spot depicting how a donation can be made.

2. Place a QR code in key areas

Another approach to collecting donations is by creating a QR code that when scanned will instantly send your patron’s straight to your donation web page. Place your QR code in multiple locations of your venue, such as on an easel at your entrance, on the backs of seats, or even on your restroom doors. Take it a little further by placing the QR code in the advertisement section on your tickets. Many organizations take advantage of Sticker Mule, a customizable sticker company that creates everything from high-quality stickers to mug coasters. If you are in need of a QR code sticker, Sticker Mule will print your code in any format and size. Have your logo and QR code printed on a sticker and place it anywhere you want! Interested in a cool sample? Click here!

3. Link your donation campaign in your marketing material

Your marketing material is the perfect spot for placing your donation link. Utilize features such as order confirmations, reminder emails, and thank you emails to spread the word and bring people towards becoming a donor.

4. Use a 3rd party texting service

Have your patron’s sign up with their mobile number to receive text messages from your organization. You’ll be able to send a custom message asking for support that includes a link straight to your donation page. You may try sending this right before or after your events. A great service that provides this feature is Twillio, a communication platform that automatically sends your text messages on your behalf.

Whether you’re a small improv theatre or a large museum with multiple tours, boosting your incoming donations is never a bad thing! Take action by sharing your donation page URL during an event, placing QR codes around your venue, linking your donation campaign in your marketing efforts, or use a 3rd party texting service. You won’t regret using one of these methods!

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