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Harvard Business Review author Amy Gallow states that depending on your industry it costs 5 to 25 times more to acquire new customers versus keeping existing customers. How can you capture more of this hidden value of existing customers? You should be taking advantage of our event ticketing software features that were purposely built to keep you easily connected and communicating meaningfully with your existing clients.

Whether you’re using CRM profiles to build communities, automating marketing emails by syncing with Mailchimp or Constant Contact, or crafting a timely custom message workflow to be there at the right time, our built-in features help maintain connections with your community, grow that following, and keep those customers returning for seasons to come.

Event ticketing software front end ticket selling
Event ticketing software – event list view

CRM Profiles

When you know your patrons well, your organization becomes more than a business- you can build a community. One short path to community building is using CRM profiles to help you track contact information and records of communication so you’re always able to reach out to your patrons at the right time.

With an event management CRM you can view email addresses, donor activity, subscription statuses, ticket purchases, transaction histories, and more when viewing your clients profiles. Profiles allow you to log emails sent back and forth between you and your customer or add notes to their account to track their activity. Never feel like your patrons are strangers when you use CRM profiles to better connect and create community.

Patron event CRM Profile
Patron CRM Profile

Email Marketing 

Ready to send out newsletters, announcements, reminders, or other marketing emails? We integrate with popular email platforms like Mailchimp and Constant Contact, allowing synchronization of your contacts with these leading marketing software providers so your patrons can easily be signed-up for newsletters or other communications. Be sure to offer email sign-up options in your purchase process so your customers can option-in to receive information on your upcoming performances, fundraisers, events, merchandise or more.

Once this is in place, with the click of a few buttons, not only can you synchronize your marketing software with VBO Tickets, but your patrons can sign-up to learn more about all the exciting events your organization is ready to hold!  

Event marketing software
Event marketing software – messaging and marketing tools

Custom Messaging Workflow

Being in contact with your patrons at the right time is an essential part of event management and raising the quality of customer service. When you use VBO Tickets to build and manage your events, be sure to take advantage of custom messaging to send confirmations, reminders, thank you letters, and more.

Messaging can be event-specific to update your patrons on the events they purchased, or you can plan your workflow and set a series of pre-set default messages to give directions, parking instructions, or update patrons on event or venue procedures. Use this custom messaging so busy customers are always informed of important information at the right time so they can have a great experience before, during and after the event. 

Community, Communication, and Capturing Value

You’ve worked hard to find patrons who value the events, experiences, and services that your organization has carefully crafted. Keep them interested afterwards by leveraging our features like CRM profiles, email marketing, and custom messaging workflow and see how it can help grow your clientele, bring in sales, and create an ongoing foundation of engaged customers.

We hope you enjoyed this post and working with us here at VBO Tickets. We love having you as a customer, and we want to give back to the clients who spread our passion for our protected, proven, and powerful ticketing software. When you refer us to anyone who needs a new event ticketing software platform, let us know and you can receive a discount on your annual service for each new venue that signs up. To get started, contact our sales teams at to share the referral.

If you aren’t a VBO Tickets customer yet, learn more about how VBO Tickets can help you create and connect with your own community by connecting with us here. Our experts will show you how our protected, proven, and powerful platform can make your event ticketing life better.

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