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Summer is quickly approaching, and with such beautiful weather happening, you probably need some freedom from your hectic schedule. So with that, how about taking some time to explore at least one of these Bay Area attractions. And believe us, you will have an awesome experience wherever you go!

Winchester Mystery House | San Jose, CA

If you’re looking to get your Halloween groove on early, the Winchester Mystery House is full of spooky unsolved history for you to adventure! Take a tour inside this world-famous mansion to discover Sarah Winchester’s obsession with continuously expanding her house. Learn about the ghostly ghouls that Mrs. Winchester believed to be haunting her. And understand the importance of the Winchester rifle brand throughout Santa Clara County. If you are interested in uncovering more history, the Winchester Mystery House provides public tours for you to experience the magic for yourselves. Daily Estate Tours utilize timed ticketing. To purchase a ticket via their website, simply select an available tour time you’d like to attend. This tour runs every day for an hour and five minutes and gives you a chance to venture through 110 out of the 160 rooms inside the mansion. If you’re looking to see other parts of the house, the Explore More Tour is a discounted option with the purchase of a Daily Estate Tour. This add-on spans an hour and ten minutes and gives you the opportunity to see other areas that have been closed for decades. As a client of VBO Tickets, the Winchester Mystery House uses timed ticketing to manage the number of people in each group and to avoid overlapping tour times. This is definitely an attraction you want to experience if you haven’t already!

Alcatraz Island | San Francisco, CA

Interested in visiting an attraction where historical events have taken place? If so, then you need to hop on board over to Alcatraz Island! Alcatraz has been the home of several Native Indian tribes, the first West Coast lighthouse, a military fortress, and one of the most notorious Federal Penitentiaries. Legend has it, the island is haunted by the spirits of rebellious criminals, and many have encountered them as they walk through the halls of the building. If you’re interested in taking a tour, Alcatraz sells timed ticket tours to see the island. This gives you the freedom to plan your day accordingly. This gives you the freedom to plan your day accordingly. And to make your experience even more memorable, make it a family or friends day and purchase different tickets types, ranging from child to senior. There are multiple tours once you land on the island. Depending on what you’re interested in experiencing, there is an Early Bird tour to beat the crowds, a Day and Night tour, and a behind the scenes tour to discover the hidden secrets of Alcatraz. We highly recommend planning your trip in advance because tickets for this attraction always sell out fast. Without a doubt, Alcatraz is an attraction that needs to be checked off your list!

Mystery Spot | Santa Cruz, CA

Have your mind blown as you watch demonstrations that seem to defy the laws of physics and gravity! The Mystery Spot, known for its fascinating optical illusions, has entertained people from all over the world. Experience yourself leaning forward without falling and watch spherical objects mysteriously roll uphill and never come down. This is an attraction that will make you wonder how this is even possible! Plan your visit to the Bay Area to experience the Mystery Spot because there are no other attractions like it in California. This tour is nestled amongst beautiful redwood trees, so who wouldn’t want to be submerged in nature while experiencing some awesome optical illusions? Tours run 365 days a year and are 45 minutes long. You can purchase a timed ticket tour from their website or at their box office. But, time slots sell out fast over the summer, so we recommend that you buy your tickets online and in advance before making your way to this legendary spot! We believe the Mystery Spot is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so you won’t want to miss out on seeing these insane illusions!

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